Approved Grants by Academic Year

Approved Grants for 2016-2017


  • Learning Outside with Lawrence: $4320 for 4th grade walks and conservation activities.
  • LittleBits and Legos: $4000 for newest release of MakerSpace’s most popular materials – LittleBits & Lego WeDo.
  • Author Visit by Amy Krouse Rosenthal: $3000 for author visit with K-4 kids and roundtable with teachers.

Farragut Middle School

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream: $4700 for Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company residency with 8th grade.
  • Border Crossers, Talking About Race in the Classroom: A Training for Educators Committed to Racial Justice: $4000 for professional development for district faculty.
  • Spotlighting Student Work in the Art Classroom with Apple iPad and Apple TV: $939 for iPad and Apple TV to be used for class instruction, to highlight student artwork during class, document work in progress, and facilitate collaboration.
  • Designing Multimedia with Green Screen Technology: $2000 to provide 3 iPads, green screen and digital microphone for piloting use of multimedia green screen technology in creating interactive video by 5th grade students.
  • Glowforge Laser Cutter/Printer: $4795 for high speed 3D printer/laser cutter for MakerSpace.

Hastings High School

  • Poet-in-Residence:   $5,000 for poetry residency for grades 9-12.
  • 3D printer for HS Science Department: $1232 for 3D printer for use by engineering, nanotechnology and science research classes.
  • Coding Robots: $1303 for programmable robots for use in Coding course, grades 9-12.
  • Macro and Telephoto Lenses for Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras: $1441 for a special lenses for up-close and distance photography for use by the Digital Photography and AP Photography progams.
  • Reducing Our Clay Footprint: $4000 to buy a clay mixer (pugmill) which will permit students to recycle and manufacture clay, and to learn about the raw materials involved in ceramics.
  • Expansion of Steel Drum Ensemble: $2400 for purchase of additional drum sets


  • z-Space Learning Lab: $21,995 to provide first year funding for a three year project to create a virtual learning lab.

Approved Grants for 2015-2016

Hillside Elementary

  • New Gym Mats:  Replace existing mats in all-purpose room at Hillside. New mats are easier to store and larger, permitting expansion of the gymnastics/tumbling unit. $7,478.64
  • Hands on History: Hire ArchforKids consultants to bring enrichment activities and professional development to the 4th grade unit on New York, from pre-European settlement to present. $4,100.00 
  • New Kiln: $3,309.45  
  • Gems Rock: Hire GEMS ROCK to set up exhibit of minerals, give a presentation (assembly), & conduct an excavation with the 1st grade. $1,800.00
  • ELA Playaways: Expansion of Hillside Library’s collection of recorded books in self-contained units.  $2,500.00
  • Apple TV for Speech and Language Therapy: Purchase Apple bundles and TVs for two speech and language therapy rooms at Hillside; this will make it possible to simulate the functionality of a Smartboard with existing iPads. $1,260.00 

Hillside Elementary & Farragut Middle School

  • Maker Space:  Funds to assist in creation of two Maker Spaces – one at Hillside and one at Farragut Middle School. $25,000.00

Farragut Middle School & Hastings High School

  • Reading & Writing for College: Professional Development for English & Social Studies teachers, grades 6-12. One day workshop provided on site by Syracuse University’s Project Advance to be offered during Fall Superintendent’s Conference day. $2,500.00
  • Spanish/Latin American Film Festival:  Five-week Spanish language film festival open to all members of the community. $2.000.00

Hastings High School

  • Large Format Art Scanner:  Purchase large format scanner to document student artwork. $2780.82 
  • SnowshoesPurchase 30 sets of snow shoes to create a new unit for Physical Education program. $2,273.60
  • Agriculture ClubMaterials to install deer fence, make raised beds, and purchase garden tools for the Agriculture Club. $1,250.00  
  • Text to Speech InitiativeProvide combination microphone/headphone devices to pilot new multimedia initiatives in the High School. $400.00
  • Debra Newman Memorial Grant: Ongoing grant to provide enrichment for student publications. $600.00  

Approved Grants for Academic Year 2014-2015

Hillside Elementary School

  •  ArchForKids to work for eight sessions with the Kindergarten team on enrichment activities, including materials and professional development: $5,500
  •  Presentations from Caldecott Award winning author, Brian Floca, during Reading Month: $2,000
  • Five Redcat Sound Field Systems for the Integrated (ICT) Classrooms: $5,560

Farragut Middle School

  •  Twenty-five Chromebooks and a storage cart, to be used as a mobile computer lab for the entire 5th grade $7,875
  • Resource materials and solar-electric machine kits for use in 7th grade Hastings Sustainability Investigation; expanding a new unit taught jointly by Language Arts & Science departments: $4,015
  •  Training for three teachers for the Learner Active Classroom program $11,400
  • Upgrade Music Lab; replacing outdated and broken components and changing software from cloud to a more reliable hard drive platform: $6,540

Hastings High School

  •  One hundred and twenty Scientific Calculators for the Regents Chemistry: $1,996
  • 3-D printer for the Geometry& Calculus programs: $ 2,940
  • To create a reading shelf for the High School Math program: $455
  •  Adobe software & memory upgrades for 21 Art Department iMacs. The software will be used in the Media Arts, Computer Graphics & Animation curriculums $10,500
  •  Purchase 40 sets of Heart Rate Monitors for the Physical Education program: 8,260
  •  Debra Newman Memorial Fund for Language Arts: $600

Approved Grants for Academic Year 2013-2014


  • Provide 2 Smartboards for ESL classrooms $10,000
  • Expand nonfiction Science and Social Studies collection at Hillside Library $2061
  • Provide 22 iPad Minis to pilot use in 4th grade class $7238

Farragut Middle School:

  • Provide a 3D Printer and Filament for Art and Technology $3000
  • Provide a Smartboard for a 6th grade classroom $4300
  • Provide 20 iPads and a portable suitcase charger for the AIS Program $9719
  • Customized resources for 16 teachers to establish learner-active, technology infused classrooms in consultation with Nancy Sulla $24,000

Hastings High School:

  • Interdisciplinary program for the 9th grade, centered around The Tempest, executed in partnership with The Hudson River Museum and The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival $10,000
  • Provide 6 iMacs and 8 copies of Final Cut Pro X editing software for Film Studies program $13,068
  • Assembly and workshops exposing the 10th grade to the traditional arts of Chinese Culture $2300
  • Equipment for an ongoing study of the impact of invasive plants and the exploding deer population on Hillside Woods by the AP Environmental Science class $2275
  • Provide an inkjet printer, ink and paper for the Media Arts program $2695
  • Provide 16 Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera kits and rechargeable batteries for the Art department $8180
  • Provide a high definition digital printer for Media Arts $2530
  • Provide 2 large carts to store and dry student ceramics projects $1336
  • Additional pans, mallets and cases for the Steel Drum program $2796
  • Ongoing Debra Newman Memorial Fund for Language Arts $600


  • Moveable acoustic shells to reflect sound in the auditorium $6132
  • Provide 3 iPads for ESL teachers K-12 $2097

Approved Grants for Academic Year 2012-2013


  • Board games for indoor recess $2100
  • Spanish language fiction/non-fiction books for library $1000

Farragut Middle School:

  • Phase 2 of Farragut Middle School playground renovation, construction of concrete bench $8000
  • Media Arts Residency with David Becker to create a digital documentary video on the Constitution, 7th grade $4000
  • Funding for digital color printer plus toner cartridges for 3-D Design and Experimental Printmaking classes $2005
  • Planning grant for mosaic project with artist Haifa Bint-Kadi $300

Hastings High School:

  • Funding for Bamboo tablets and styluses for Media Arts $3447.30
  • Environmental Club Klean Kanteen pilot project on sustainability, the plastic water bottle industry and the environment: purchase 100 water bottles, sponsor movie and survey $1500
  • Purchase power tools and safety equipment for Woodworking and Sculpture II classes $820


  • Repair and upgrade sound system at auditorium $13,901
  • Workshops for grades 7-11 with Michael Nerney, substance abuse prevention/education consultant $6000
  • Funding to pilot use of Ipads in integrated co-teaching and communications classrooms at Hillside and Farragut Middle School $4066
  • Purchase two wireless headsets and one intercom system for 4th grade, FMS and HHS theater $2574
  • Funding to pilot AlcoholEdu, web-based alcohol education and prevention course for 11th grade $1995
  • CPR/AED training for grades 5-12 $705
  • Ongoing Debra Newman Memorial Fund for language arts $600

Approved Grants for Academic Year 2011-2012

  • Fund Phase One of Farragut Middle School playground renovation $22,000
  • Provide four SmartBoards for 2nd grade classrooms $16,800
  • Provide steel drums to establish new co-curricular course and elective $14,642
  • Provide three Smartboards for 1st grade classrooms $12,600
  • Expand and upgrade the fitness/weight room and yoga/aerobics studio FMS/HHS Phys Ed and Health Departments $11,000
  • Provide sound systems (wall-mounted speakers, cage, iPod) for both FMS gyms $6,011
  • Bring speaker Michael Nerney (Adolescent Brain and High Risk Behavior expert) for 4 HHS workshops, 2 for students, one each for parents and teachers $5,500
  • Fund Teachers and Writers Playwriting multi-week residency, fifth grade $5,250
  • Purchase library materials, kits to build solar-electric machines and teacher handbooks for 7th grade $4,553
  • Provide SmartBoard for Special Ed FMS $4,200
  • Provide SmartBoard for ESL FMS $4,200
  • Provide SmartBoard for 6th grade math classroom $4,200
  • Purchase two Epson 450i interactive projectors for FMS art rooms $3,800
  • Provide funds for feasibility study to build outdoor classroom at Sugar Pond $3,500
  • Purchase materials for new HHS course, Material Science and Nanotechnology $3,500
  • Provide K-12 Health and Phys Ed curriculum consultant $2,500
  • Hire consultant for staff development and student work-shops to add rumba and hustle to Phys Ed dance units HHS $2,160
  • Bring Hudson Valley Students-on-Stage Shakespeare Festival workshops, 8th grade $2,000
  • Provide Epson interactive projector 8th grade language Arts classroom $1,900
  • Provide Epson interactive projector FMS health Classroom $1,900
  • Provide Epson interactive projector FMS World Language (French and Spanish) $1,900
  • Provide ESL-appropriate books for content-area library, Hillside $1,500
  • Purchase digital cameras, FMS art department $1,400
  • Purchase art displays K-12 $1,300
  • Purchase pottery wheel for HHS ceramics $1,182
  • Purchase materials to support new HHS course, Ceramics II $1,194
  • Purchase studio lighting kit for HHS still life and portrait photography $1,100
  • Expand collection of Playaway audiobooks, Hillside Library $900
  • Fund Taconic Opera’s 45-minute program to introduce Opera to K-4 Hillside $800
  • Bring Lou DelBianco, interactive storyteller, to Hillside $650
  • Ongoing Debra Newman Memorial Fund for language arts $600
  • Purchase slab roller for HHS ceramics $424
  • Provide five digital voice recorders for Hastings Buzzer Reporters plus Columbia Scholastic Press Association regular membership $419


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2010-2011

  • Provide two SmartBoards for Hillside music classrooms $9400
  • Purchase biotechnology lab equipment to replicate and analyze DNA at HHS $8389
  • Purchase three computers and equipment for the high school Animation and Media Center $6578
  • Latin American dance residency for the fifth grade $4400
  • Provide CPR/AED training for 60 students on Health Day $3600
  • Phase three of Second Step social emotional learning program at Hillside $3400
  • Printmaking materials and a printmaking artist in residency for HHS art students. $3000
  • Puppet-making/writing workshop involving characters from Greek mythology for sixth grade language arts and social studies students $3000
  • Purchase an LCD monitor and equipment for a digital lobby hallway display at Hillside $2775
  • Willie Teacher, actor/educator aka Nzinga to an assembly kicking off Reading Month for fourth graders $2500
  • Expand Math Games and launch a publishing center at Hillside $2400
  • Bridge-building project with an architect for the second grade Hudson River unit. $2000
  • Bring storyteller David Gonzalez to perform Frog Bride for third graders $2000
  • Bring ceramicist Gina Mars to the high school art department for a unit on Raku firing including building a special kiln $1900
  • Bring Chinese Ribbon Dancers to Hillside and to fund the Dinosaur Rock program $1800
  • Tower of Power jazz workshop for Middle and High School music students $1500-3000
  • Bring Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Students-on-Stage workshops to 8th graders for their Shakespeare unit. $1400
  • Purchase solar plates for etching at HHS $1399
  • Bring students from the Leadership Institute High School in the South Bronx together with students from HHS for activities and discussion as part of the Crossing Borders program $1300
  • Purchase three Nikon 35mm film cameras for HHS photography students $1075Expand the Bill’s Books Collection at Hillside Library $1000
  • Purchase three Canon digital cameras for HHS media arts/photography classes $725
  • Fund printing for HHS literary magazine Oneirata under the on-going Debra Newman Memorial Fund$500
  • Ancient Greek Civilization pottery workshop, part of the annual Sixth Grade Grecian Festival $200


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2009-2010

  • Purchase 25 computers for FMS and 25 computers for HHS $31,450
  • Establish a K-12 videoconferencing program in the Russell Lecture Room $11,702
  • Fund engineering field study to develop design plans to upgrade the fields and maximize play areas $10,000
  • Purchase museum memberships and museum programs for all Hillside students $8,175
  • Purchase two computers and necessary equipment to pilot an animation and media station at HHS $7,000
  • Fund initial planning for the renovation of the Middle School playground, stage one $5,000
  • Install kiln and vent system in room H126C (FMS) $4344
  • Fund Salsa Dance Residency, 5th grade $4,200
  • Purchase LabQuest Handhelds and notebook computer to use with Vernier probes at HHS $4,100
  • Purchase equipment for solar plate printing and workshop with artist Dan Welden, HHS $3,920
  • Purchase equipment for Differentiated Indoor Recess at Hillside $3,700
  • Fund puppet project as party of 6th grade Grecian Festival $3,000
  • Purchase a sound system, digital recorder and multiple CD burner for the choral program, FMS/HHS $2,562
  • Fund four days of poetry workshops for each first grade class, plus materials and planning session with visiting Artist $2,200
  • CPR/AED training by TriHarbour Training Associates for HHS seniors $2,100
  • Fund “Building Bridges”, third grade program to study the architectural history and concepts behind beam, suspension and arch bridges, culminating in bridge construction from recycled materials $2,000
  • Fund dance workshop with Pilobolus Dance troupe, 4th grade $2,000
  • Fund African storyteller/assembly to kick off Reading Month and student-created tableaux, 4th grade $2,000
  • Fund Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s Touring Company production of Midsummer Night’s Dream, 8th grade $1800
  • Purchase wireless handheld scanner to inventory the library database $1,795
  • Purchase 40 Playway preloaded digital audiobooks for Hillside Library $1,752
  • Establish “Charlie’s Garden”, an edible garden to be run by first graders $1,750
  • Purchase DVDs to upgrade the media collection at the FMS/HHS library $1,622
  • Help fund a coach for the HHS chess team $1,500
  • Fund Literatura de Cordel (“Story on a String”): 4th grade Spanish, Dominican art form of communication $1,400
  • Purchase two enclosed cork bulletin boards to display artwork at FMS $1,125
  • Fund African-American Bokandye Drummers/Dancers’ workshop for 3rd graders $1,000
  • Fund Chinese dance performance to support Hillside diversity and kindergarten social studies curriculum for Lunar New Year $800
  • Purchase replica hominoid, human and primate skulls for HHS students to explore evolutionary development through comparative skull physiology $700
  • Fund Lou DelBianco’s multicultural storytelling, theater, music program for kindergarten $650
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: ongoing grant to provide enrichment for student publications $500
  • Fund after school comedy workshop $500
  • Fund Greek pottery project for 6th Grade Grecian Festival $281


 Approved Grants for Academic Year 2008-2009

  • Develop a nonfiction collection at Hillside Library $12,000
  • Establish a guitar lab (guitars, software, instrument cables, storage) at the Middle and High Schools $11,200
  • Purchase equipment to bring back the Hillside Obstacle Course $10,430
  • Upgrade the entire library system to Follett’s web-based Destiny Automation $8941
  • Purchase forty TI-89 calculators, a teacher model, presentation screen and two presentation adaptors for AP calculus $6745
  • Purchase a Project Adventure equipment pack for FMS $4800
  • Purchase a C25 etching press to introduce large-scale mechanical printing at Hillside $4754
  • Purchase five darkroom enlargers for the H.S. Art Dept. $2400
  • Purchase museum memberships and programs that will allow all Hillside students to visit an art museum $2175
  • Purchase portable whiteboards at Hillside $2000
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: ongoing grant to send HHS students to Columbia University for a publications workshop $1000
  • Connecting Collections, a week-long program through the Art Dept. for K-12 teachers in collaboration with Moma, the Met, the Guggenheim and the Whitney $800


 Approved Grants for Academic Year 2007-2008

  • Purchase of equipment to establish Fitness Center $22,300
  • Purchase of 12 lavaliere microphones for theater department $16,969
  • Diversity Social Emotional Learning Committee two-year grant for three performances a year at Farragut Middle School $10,000
  • Creation of Podcasting Laboratory with purchase of iPods, computers and additional accessories (HHS) $8,375
  • Introduction of Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) American History 101 and 102 at Hastings High School $7,725
  • Fencing supplies for fencing at Middle and High School $6,200
  • Staff development for Habits of Mind Program with Bena Kallick at Farragut Middle School $6,000
  • Two-year elective for authentic science research at Hastings High School $3,628
  • Establishment of Mandarin Chinese club at Farragut Middle School $3,564
  • “Connecting Collections”—weeklong program for five staff members sponsored by four New York museums to help integrate visual images into the classroom $2,000
  • Electronic Junkyard Gamelan workshop and performance, Hillside Elementary School $2,000
  • Lenny Levine Memorial Garden and birdwatching area at Hillside $1,800
  • Art display panel for Farragut Middle School $1,734
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: ongoing grant to provide enrichment for student publications $500


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2006-2007

  • Installation of traversing wall plus curriculum and wellness program for grades 5-8 $11,000
  • Three systems to introduce Smart Board technology at Hillside Elementary School in the library and in two classrooms (3rd and 4th grade) $9,500
  • Staff development for the adoption of Math Trailblazers for grade K-4 $9,200
  • Refurbishment of the work area in the Middle School Faculty Lounge $5,040
  • Staff development to introduce a multi-sensory spelling program at Hillside $5,000
  • Indoor/outdoor batting cage $4,354
  • Equipment for the Aquaculture curriculum for 6th grade $3,186
  • Accessories to make Social Studies multimedia equipment mobile $2,700
  • Concert for Hispanic Heritage Month: Los Pleneros de la 21 $2,600
  • Equipment and software for enhancing and diversifying ESL instruction at Hillside $2,500
  • Refurbishment and restoration of printing press plus purchase of accessories $2,500
  • Two laptops and peripherals plus software for High School Science Department $2,400
  • Purchase of 24 Iquest Interactive Handheld Devices from Leapfrog for grades 5-8 $2,270
  • Workshop fee for Art Studio for Elementary Students at MOMA $2,100
  • Laptop and software for High School Math Department $2,050
  • Materials to implement the Visual Thinking Strategies curriculum at Hillside $1,637
  • Purchase and install flagpole and flag on the Burke Estate Field $1,470
  • Purchase of new books about explorers and exploration for Middle School Library $1,200
  • Purchase of books to help establish leveled 2nd grade book room to support Balanced Literacy Program at Hillside $1,000
  • Purchase of films for two one-semester Spanish courses: Advanced Conversation and Culture and Culture through Film I and II $912
  • Two digital video cameras for Media Arts course at High School $700
  • Emergency fund for lunch hour book club (Chat and Chew) at Hillside $600
  • Display of two sections of the AIDS Memorial Quilt in the High School lobby for World AIDS Day $500
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: on-going grant to provide enrichment for student publications $500
  • Materials for AP bio at H.S. $490


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2005-2006

  • High School Auditorium Technical Equipment: to purchase new lighting equipment, wireless headsets, computer, soundboard $11,442
  • World of Difference: to fund “A World of Difference Institute Peer Training Program” to train 25 high school students to work with peers around issues of diversity, prejudice and discrimination $6,000
  • Creating a Classroom for a Post Modern World: to provide three projectors, sound system and stands to aid in the use of computers in the HS English classroom $4,450
  • Fitness for Tomorrow: to fund equipment to supplement current middle school physical education curriculum and establish fitness unit at FMS. $4,130
  • Social Science Institute: to fund residencies for four visiting professionals to work with High School Social Studies faculty and students $4,000
  • Yearbook Production: two MAC computers $3,260
  • Art Display Panels: to fund eight art display panels at FMS and HHS. $3,000
  • Middle School Kiln: to purchase, kiln, vent and duct, Middle School Art Department $2,605
  • Web Based College Counseling Service: to purchase “Naviance” software program that facilitates communication among students, parents and the college advisory office $2,025
  • Computerized Data Collection: to purchase scientific probes and software for computer based data collection in high school science classes/labs $2,000
  • Arts Extravaganza: to help fund workshop materials for the 2006 Arts Extravaganza at the middle school $1,700
  • Early Literacy at Hillside: to provide one-day consultancy for curriculum work to enhance early literacy $1,600
  • Forensic Science Madness: to purchase supplemental materials for the high school forensic science elective course $1,500
  • Foreign Language Library: to incorporate new materials in the foreign language section of Lloyd Library $1,500
  • Dinosaurs Come Alive: to enhance the study of dinosaurs in kindergarten with an in-school presentation by “Dinosaurs Rock” and a “fossil” dig. $1,500
  • Anti-Bullying Program: to fund three faculty presentations for the anti- bullying program at FMS. $1,500
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: on-going grant to provide enrichment for student publications $500
  • Just Right Resource Library: to establish a library for less-skilled readers in the upper grades at Hillside $500
  • Display Stand Covers: to purchase plexiglass covers for large wheeled display cases $155


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2004-2005

  • Staff development to initiate a Core Group to bring Schools Attuned program to Hillside $10,000
  • Funding for the 3rd grade team to establish a Jigsaw Exploration multidisciplinary unit to support and enhance the writing process $6,880
  • Installation of a Mat Rack System for storage and movement of wrestling mats in the Middle and High Schools $5,050
  • Purchase of print and software resource materials as well as computers, printer/scanners, and headphones for the FMS/HHS ESL Resource Room $5,000
  • Staff development to expand the Core Group bringing Schools Attuned program to the Middle School $5,000
  • Purchase of demonstration equipment for the High School physics and chemistry labs $4,000
  • Purchase of new biography books for grades 5-8 at the Middle School $4,000
  • Funding to conduct a series of staff development workshops on “Language Development and Learning for the Classroom Teacher” $2,400
  • Purchase of enhancements for the High School Digital Music Production Lab $2,100
  • Arts Extravaganza 2005: To purchase materials necessary for the 7th and 8th grade workshops $1,700
  • Funding to introduce the Kindergarten students to Harry Scott’s Dance and Movement Program $1,500
  • Funding for offsite training on Kurzweil 3000, software upgrades, and scanner purchase for the High School Special Education Department $1,200
  • HHS Health Education: funding for a speaker for AIDS Awareness Day $1,000
  • FMS Health Education: funding for a speaker for the 7th and 8th grades on selected health topics $1,000
  • Kindergarten/4th grade team: funding to continue the Negotiated Learning Project $500


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2003-2004

  • Science Consultant K-12: funding for in-house science consultant for ongoing professional development $25,000
  • Hillside Library Media Center: further funding for the redesign and enhancement of Hillside Library $15,000
  • “Schools Attuned”: funding for pilot program at Farragut Middle School to introduce techniques for recognizing and managing learning differences $9,600
  • Digital Music Station: funding for equipment for new music theory/traditional harmony course at the High School $3,730
  • Billiards Club: funding for equipment to be used by the High School Billiards Club and the Phys. Ed. Department $3,000
  • Living Environment (Biology) Library: funding for topical supplemental materials for all levels of science instruction $2,050
  • AIDS Theater Project: funding for December 2003 performance during AIDS Awareness Week $2,000
  • Fifth Grade Reading Program: funding for a wide assortment of books at a variety of reading levels to enhance differentiated instruction $1,800
  • Healthy School Lunch Program: funding to develop guidelines to improve overall nutritional quality of the school lunch program $1,800
  • Hillside Art Department Etching Press: funding to provide materials for mechanical printmaking at Hillside Elementary School $1,640
  • Negotiated Learning Project: funding to expand Reggio Emilia project already in existence at select K/4 classrooms at Hillside Elementary School $1,500
  • Play Equipment: funding for enrichment materials for early/late bus riders at Hillside Elementary School $1,000
  • Edgars Lane Battle: funding for a re-enactment of the Battle of Edgars Lane $1,000
  • Digital Camera: funding for digital photography equipment for Athletic Dept. $750
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: funding to send staff of Oneirata to a student journalists’ conference $500