Approved Grants by Academic Year

Approved Grants for 2020-2021


  • Dr. Bill Daggett, Opening Day 2020 Speaker – $5000
  • Virtual Theater (All Schools) – $1941


  • Chromebooks for Hillside’s Library Media Center – $6,500


  • Introduction to Sewing  – $5,113
  • Hastings Sustainability Investigation – $1, 017.84
  • Diverse Voices, Diverse Paths – Speaker Series – $11,000


  • HHS Auditorium Sound Upgrade – $23,599.43
  • Culinary Chemistry Course – $3,232.40
  • Large Format Printer for Science Department – $6,000

Total: $63,403.67

Approved Grants for 2019-2020

Hillside ($23,083.39) 

  • $1568 for four iPads and cases for speech and language assessments.
  • $3000 for one primary and one intermediate sensory path.
  • $11,610.90 for a cross-curricular traverse rock wall for the small gym.
  • $3894.49 for a four-person easel for each kindergarten classroom, plus paint cups and brushes.
  • $3010 for materials for Katie Reidy’s large mural in the All-Purpose Room.

FMS ($3900 plus undetermined amount for diversity projects) 

  • $3900 for Ryan’s Story (three presentations for students and one for parents on bullying, depression, and suicide). 

HHS ($55,462.17) 

  • $13,000 for Challenge Success Year 2 (two conferences, a parent survey and parent/student/community presentations aimed at student engagement and stress reduction)
  • $11,160 for freestanding wheeled display boards used for art and other displays.
  • $4943.40 for 12 Lego Mindstorm robotics sets for new robotics elective
  • $4521.16 for ten sewing machines and other items for a new sewing and design elective.
  • $5000 for 60 units of the new version of the graphing calculator, to lend to those students whose families cannot afford to buy one
  • $13,699.61 for mobile new media lab with editing software, plus studio-quality headphones and mikes, to bring new media storytelling into core English classes.
  • $1260 to have Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company actors come for two days to work with students on scenes from Romeo & Juliet or Macbeth.
  • $1878 for camera drone to integrate into AP Photo and maybe Digital Photo 2 and yearbook.

Total: $82,4450.56. In addition, HEF will fund diversity projects under the guidance of the new Superintendent. 

Approved Grants for 2018-2019


  • $3,500 for consultants from the Center for Environmental Literacy Foundation to create an outdoor-learning curriculum that will align the K-4 nature walks with the STEAM curriculum.
  • $4,995 for a poster-making machine.
  • $9,750 for a two-day training workshop for 15 teachers on the Lindamood-Bell Seeing Stars Learning Process Program, an alternative way to teach reading using symbol imagery, which will primarily benefit special education students.

 Farragut Middle School

  • $8,165 for a Glowforge laser cutter for the Makerspace.

High School

  • $17,000 for Challenge Success, a program involving conferences, surveys, coaching, consultations, and professional development designed to reduce student stress and develop a more balanced approach to learning.
  • $1,800 for four more buzzer systems for the growing Academic Challenge club/team.
  • $2,315 for more steel drums for the Steel Drum Ensembles.

Approved Grants for 2017-2018

Total = $92,711


  • Revitalization of Hillside Stage:$48,000 for revitalization of the Hillside stage. The first $18,000 will be used for installation of a projector and screen.
  • Orff Ensemble Instruments: $4,750 for purchase of xylophones, metallophones, mallets and stands to permit integration of Orff instruments into the music curriculum in grades 2-4.
  • ELA & Social Studies Residency – Land of the Free & Home of the Brave: $4,500 for a 4th grade residency by ArchforKids on the ethic and cultural backgrounds of the people who came to New York City during the late 1800s to early 1900s.
  • Cultural Arts – Story Pirates: $2,500 to bring Story Pirates to Hillside to work with Hillside student, turning their creative writing projects into sketch comedy performances.

 Farragut Middle School

  • Diversifying Technology in the Makerspace: $5,078 for new technology in the FMS Maker Space, including: room-scale Virtual Reality devices (HTC vive), small programmable robots (Mbots), Kidwind Alternative Energy Grid, drones (Hubsan quadcopters) for use in study of the physics of flight and motion, and a 3-D printer (Lulzbot Taz) able to use material infused with wood, stainless steel, nylon, plastics, conductive PLA, copper and other metals.
  • Circus Arts Unit in PE: $2,202 for equipment needed to establish a new circus arts unit for grades 5-12.
  • iPad Projectors for PE: $400 for two iPad projectors to be used to “bring” experts for yoga and dance instruction, and as a tool for teaching sports, health and nutrition to grades 5-12.
  • Mindful Space: $1,271 to furnish a space designated for mindful practice for grades 5-8. For use as an alternative to detention, during the school day, in morning mindful sits with faculty, and by 5th grade classes in guided meditation.

High School

  • Flexible Seating and Headphones: $600 for movable seating and headphones to facilitate implementation of new teaching techniques in collaborative English classrooms.   These will permit small groups to rotate through different learning activities in physically distinct areas.
  • Vernier Proves: $8,530 for purchase of Vernier probes which permit data collection in real time.
  • Single Lens Reflex Film Cameras: $5,190 for the purchase of 10 SLR film cameras so that Hastings students can continue to learn to shoot, develop and print 35 mm black and white film.
  • Pottery Wheels: $3,190 to purchase two additional pottery wheels for the ceramics program.
  • Staff Lounge Upgrade: $6,500 for cabinetry, countertops, appliances, furniture, paint and trim to remodel the high school staff lounge.

Approved Grants for 2016-2017


  • Learning Outside with Lawrence: $4320 for 4th grade walks and conservation activities.
  • LittleBits and Legos: $4000 for newest release of MakerSpace’s most popular materials – LittleBits & Lego WeDo.
  • Author Visit by Amy Krouse Rosenthal: $3000 for author visit with K-4 kids and roundtable with teachers.

Farragut Middle School

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream: $4700 for Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company residency with 8th grade.
  • Border Crossers, Talking About Race in the Classroom: A Training for Educators Committed to Racial Justice: $4000 for professional development for district faculty.
  • Spotlighting Student Work in the Art Classroom with Apple iPad and Apple TV: $939 for iPad and Apple TV to be used for class instruction, to highlight student artwork during class, document work in progress, and facilitate collaboration.
  • Designing Multimedia with Green Screen Technology: $2000 to provide 3 iPads, green screen and digital microphone for piloting use of multimedia green screen technology in creating interactive video by 5th grade students.
  • Glowforge Laser Cutter/Printer: $4795 for high speed 3D printer/laser cutter for MakerSpace.

Hastings High School

  • Poet-in-Residence:   $5,000 for poetry residency for grades 9-12.
  • 3D printer for HS Science Department: $1232 for 3D printer for use by engineering, nanotechnology and science research classes.
  • Coding Robots: $1303 for programmable robots for use in Coding course, grades 9-12.
  • Macro and Telephoto Lenses for Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras: $1441 for a special lenses for up-close and distance photography for use by the Digital Photography and AP Photography progams.
  • Reducing Our Clay Footprint: $4000 to buy a clay mixer (pugmill) which will permit students to recycle and manufacture clay, and to learn about the raw materials involved in ceramics.
  • Expansion of Steel Drum Ensemble: $2400 for purchase of additional drum sets


  • z-Space Learning Lab: $21,995 to provide first year funding for a three year project to create a virtual learning lab.

Approved Grants for 2015-2016

Hillside Elementary

  • New Gym Mats:  Replace existing mats in all-purpose room at Hillside. New mats are easier to store and larger, permitting expansion of the gymnastics/tumbling unit. $7,478.64
  • Hands on History: Hire ArchforKids consultants to bring enrichment activities and professional development to the 4th grade unit on New York, from pre-European settlement to present. $4,100.00 
  • New Kiln: $3,309.45  
  • Gems Rock: Hire GEMS ROCK to set up exhibit of minerals, give a presentation (assembly), & conduct an excavation with the 1st grade. $1,800.00
  • ELA Playaways: Expansion of Hillside Library’s collection of recorded books in self-contained units.  $2,500.00
  • Apple TV for Speech and Language Therapy: Purchase Apple bundles and TVs for two speech and language therapy rooms at Hillside; this will make it possible to simulate the functionality of a Smartboard with existing iPads. $1,260.00 

Hillside Elementary & Farragut Middle School

  • Maker Space:  Funds to assist in creation of two Maker Spaces – one at Hillside and one at Farragut Middle School. $25,000.00

Farragut Middle School & Hastings High School

  • Reading & Writing for College: Professional Development for English & Social Studies teachers, grades 6-12. One day workshop provided on site by Syracuse University’s Project Advance to be offered during Fall Superintendent’s Conference day. $2,500.00
  • Spanish/Latin American Film Festival:  Five-week Spanish language film festival open to all members of the community. $2.000.00

Hastings High School

  • Large Format Art Scanner:  Purchase large format scanner to document student artwork. $2780.82 
  • SnowshoesPurchase 30 sets of snow shoes to create a new unit for Physical Education program. $2,273.60
  • Agriculture ClubMaterials to install deer fence, make raised beds, and purchase garden tools for the Agriculture Club. $1,250.00  
  • Text to Speech InitiativeProvide combination microphone/headphone devices to pilot new multimedia initiatives in the High School. $400.00
  • Debra Newman Memorial Grant: Ongoing grant to provide enrichment for student publications. $600.00  

Approved Grants for Academic Year 2014-2015

Hillside Elementary School

  •  ArchForKids to work for eight sessions with the Kindergarten team on enrichment activities, including materials and professional development: $5,500
  •  Presentations from Caldecott Award winning author, Brian Floca, during Reading Month: $2,000
  • Five Redcat Sound Field Systems for the Integrated (ICT) Classrooms: $5,560

Farragut Middle School

  •  Twenty-five Chromebooks and a storage cart, to be used as a mobile computer lab for the entire 5th grade $7,875
  • Resource materials and solar-electric machine kits for use in 7th grade Hastings Sustainability Investigation; expanding a new unit taught jointly by Language Arts & Science departments: $4,015
  •  Training for three teachers for the Learner Active Classroom program $11,400
  • Upgrade Music Lab; replacing outdated and broken components and changing software from cloud to a more reliable hard drive platform: $6,540

Hastings High School

  •  One hundred and twenty Scientific Calculators for the Regents Chemistry: $1,996
  • 3-D printer for the Geometry& Calculus programs: $ 2,940
  • To create a reading shelf for the High School Math program: $455
  •  Adobe software & memory upgrades for 21 Art Department iMacs. The software will be used in the Media Arts, Computer Graphics & Animation curriculums $10,500
  •  Purchase 40 sets of Heart Rate Monitors for the Physical Education program: 8,260
  •  Debra Newman Memorial Fund for Language Arts: $600

Approved Grants for Academic Year 2013-2014


  • Provide 2 Smartboards for ESL classrooms $10,000
  • Expand nonfiction Science and Social Studies collection at Hillside Library $2061
  • Provide 22 iPad Minis to pilot use in 4th grade class $7238

Farragut Middle School:

  • Provide a 3D Printer and Filament for Art and Technology $3000
  • Provide a Smartboard for a 6th grade classroom $4300
  • Provide 20 iPads and a portable suitcase charger for the AIS Program $9719
  • Customized resources for 16 teachers to establish learner-active, technology infused classrooms in consultation with Nancy Sulla $24,000

Hastings High School:

  • Interdisciplinary program for the 9th grade, centered around The Tempest, executed in partnership with The Hudson River Museum and The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival $10,000
  • Provide 6 iMacs and 8 copies of Final Cut Pro X editing software for Film Studies program $13,068
  • Assembly and workshops exposing the 10th grade to the traditional arts of Chinese Culture $2300
  • Equipment for an ongoing study of the impact of invasive plants and the exploding deer population on Hillside Woods by the AP Environmental Science class $2275
  • Provide an inkjet printer, ink and paper for the Media Arts program $2695
  • Provide 16 Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera kits and rechargeable batteries for the Art department $8180
  • Provide a high definition digital printer for Media Arts $2530
  • Provide 2 large carts to store and dry student ceramics projects $1336
  • Additional pans, mallets and cases for the Steel Drum program $2796
  • Ongoing Debra Newman Memorial Fund for Language Arts $600


  • Moveable acoustic shells to reflect sound in the auditorium $6132
  • Provide 3 iPads for ESL teachers K-12 $2097

Approved Grants for Academic Year 2012-2013


  • Board games for indoor recess $2100
  • Spanish language fiction/non-fiction books for library $1000

Farragut Middle School:

  • Phase 2 of Farragut Middle School playground renovation, construction of concrete bench $8000
  • Media Arts Residency with David Becker to create a digital documentary video on the Constitution, 7th grade $4000
  • Funding for digital color printer plus toner cartridges for 3-D Design and Experimental Printmaking classes $2005
  • Planning grant for mosaic project with artist Haifa Bint-Kadi $300

Hastings High School:

  • Funding for Bamboo tablets and styluses for Media Arts $3447.30
  • Environmental Club Klean Kanteen pilot project on sustainability, the plastic water bottle industry and the environment: purchase 100 water bottles, sponsor movie and survey $1500
  • Purchase power tools and safety equipment for Woodworking and Sculpture II classes $820


  • Repair and upgrade sound system at auditorium $13,901
  • Workshops for grades 7-11 with Michael Nerney, substance abuse prevention/education consultant $6000
  • Funding to pilot use of Ipads in integrated co-teaching and communications classrooms at Hillside and Farragut Middle School $4066
  • Purchase two wireless headsets and one intercom system for 4th grade, FMS and HHS theater $2574
  • Funding to pilot AlcoholEdu, web-based alcohol education and prevention course for 11th grade $1995
  • CPR/AED training for grades 5-12 $705
  • Ongoing Debra Newman Memorial Fund for language arts $600

Approved Grants for Academic Year 2011-2012

  • Fund Phase One of Farragut Middle School playground renovation $22,000
  • Provide four SmartBoards for 2nd grade classrooms $16,800
  • Provide steel drums to establish new co-curricular course and elective $14,642
  • Provide three Smartboards for 1st grade classrooms $12,600
  • Expand and upgrade the fitness/weight room and yoga/aerobics studio FMS/HHS Phys Ed and Health Departments $11,000
  • Provide sound systems (wall-mounted speakers, cage, iPod) for both FMS gyms $6,011
  • Bring speaker Michael Nerney (Adolescent Brain and High Risk Behavior expert) for 4 HHS workshops, 2 for students, one each for parents and teachers $5,500
  • Fund Teachers and Writers Playwriting multi-week residency, fifth grade $5,250
  • Purchase library materials, kits to build solar-electric machines and teacher handbooks for 7th grade $4,553
  • Provide SmartBoard for Special Ed FMS $4,200
  • Provide SmartBoard for ESL FMS $4,200
  • Provide SmartBoard for 6th grade math classroom $4,200
  • Purchase two Epson 450i interactive projectors for FMS art rooms $3,800
  • Provide funds for feasibility study to build outdoor classroom at Sugar Pond $3,500
  • Purchase materials for new HHS course, Material Science and Nanotechnology $3,500
  • Provide K-12 Health and Phys Ed curriculum consultant $2,500
  • Hire consultant for staff development and student work-shops to add rumba and hustle to Phys Ed dance units HHS $2,160
  • Bring Hudson Valley Students-on-Stage Shakespeare Festival workshops, 8th grade $2,000
  • Provide Epson interactive projector 8th grade language Arts classroom $1,900
  • Provide Epson interactive projector FMS health Classroom $1,900
  • Provide Epson interactive projector FMS World Language (French and Spanish) $1,900
  • Provide ESL-appropriate books for content-area library, Hillside $1,500
  • Purchase digital cameras, FMS art department $1,400
  • Purchase art displays K-12 $1,300
  • Purchase pottery wheel for HHS ceramics $1,182
  • Purchase materials to support new HHS course, Ceramics II $1,194
  • Purchase studio lighting kit for HHS still life and portrait photography $1,100
  • Expand collection of Playaway audiobooks, Hillside Library $900
  • Fund Taconic Opera’s 45-minute program to introduce Opera to K-4 Hillside $800
  • Bring Lou DelBianco, interactive storyteller, to Hillside $650
  • Ongoing Debra Newman Memorial Fund for language arts $600
  • Purchase slab roller for HHS ceramics $424
  • Provide five digital voice recorders for Hastings Buzzer Reporters plus Columbia Scholastic Press Association regular membership $419


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2010-2011

  • Provide two SmartBoards for Hillside music classrooms $9400
  • Purchase biotechnology lab equipment to replicate and analyze DNA at HHS $8389
  • Purchase three computers and equipment for the high school Animation and Media Center $6578
  • Latin American dance residency for the fifth grade $4400
  • Provide CPR/AED training for 60 students on Health Day $3600
  • Phase three of Second Step social emotional learning program at Hillside $3400
  • Printmaking materials and a printmaking artist in residency for HHS art students. $3000
  • Puppet-making/writing workshop involving characters from Greek mythology for sixth grade language arts and social studies students $3000
  • Purchase an LCD monitor and equipment for a digital lobby hallway display at Hillside $2775
  • Willie Teacher, actor/educator aka Nzinga to an assembly kicking off Reading Month for fourth graders $2500
  • Expand Math Games and launch a publishing center at Hillside $2400
  • Bridge-building project with an architect for the second grade Hudson River unit. $2000
  • Bring storyteller David Gonzalez to perform Frog Bride for third graders $2000
  • Bring ceramicist Gina Mars to the high school art department for a unit on Raku firing including building a special kiln $1900
  • Bring Chinese Ribbon Dancers to Hillside and to fund the Dinosaur Rock program $1800
  • Tower of Power jazz workshop for Middle and High School music students $1500-3000
  • Bring Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Students-on-Stage workshops to 8th graders for their Shakespeare unit. $1400
  • Purchase solar plates for etching at HHS $1399
  • Bring students from the Leadership Institute High School in the South Bronx together with students from HHS for activities and discussion as part of the Crossing Borders program $1300
  • Purchase three Nikon 35mm film cameras for HHS photography students $1075Expand the Bill’s Books Collection at Hillside Library $1000
  • Purchase three Canon digital cameras for HHS media arts/photography classes $725
  • Fund printing for HHS literary magazine Oneirata under the on-going Debra Newman Memorial Fund$500
  • Ancient Greek Civilization pottery workshop, part of the annual Sixth Grade Grecian Festival $200


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2009-2010

  • Purchase 25 computers for FMS and 25 computers for HHS $31,450
  • Establish a K-12 videoconferencing program in the Russell Lecture Room $11,702
  • Fund engineering field study to develop design plans to upgrade the fields and maximize play areas $10,000
  • Purchase museum memberships and museum programs for all Hillside students $8,175
  • Purchase two computers and necessary equipment to pilot an animation and media station at HHS $7,000
  • Fund initial planning for the renovation of the Middle School playground, stage one $5,000
  • Install kiln and vent system in room H126C (FMS) $4344
  • Fund Salsa Dance Residency, 5th grade $4,200
  • Purchase LabQuest Handhelds and notebook computer to use with Vernier probes at HHS $4,100
  • Purchase equipment for solar plate printing and workshop with artist Dan Welden, HHS $3,920
  • Purchase equipment for Differentiated Indoor Recess at Hillside $3,700
  • Fund puppet project as party of 6th grade Grecian Festival $3,000
  • Purchase a sound system, digital recorder and multiple CD burner for the choral program, FMS/HHS $2,562
  • Fund four days of poetry workshops for each first grade class, plus materials and planning session with visiting Artist $2,200
  • CPR/AED training by TriHarbour Training Associates for HHS seniors $2,100
  • Fund “Building Bridges”, third grade program to study the architectural history and concepts behind beam, suspension and arch bridges, culminating in bridge construction from recycled materials $2,000
  • Fund dance workshop with Pilobolus Dance troupe, 4th grade $2,000
  • Fund African storyteller/assembly to kick off Reading Month and student-created tableaux, 4th grade $2,000
  • Fund Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s Touring Company production of Midsummer Night’s Dream, 8th grade $1800
  • Purchase wireless handheld scanner to inventory the library database $1,795
  • Purchase 40 Playway preloaded digital audiobooks for Hillside Library $1,752
  • Establish “Charlie’s Garden”, an edible garden to be run by first graders $1,750
  • Purchase DVDs to upgrade the media collection at the FMS/HHS library $1,622
  • Help fund a coach for the HHS chess team $1,500
  • Fund Literatura de Cordel (“Story on a String”): 4th grade Spanish, Dominican art form of communication $1,400
  • Purchase two enclosed cork bulletin boards to display artwork at FMS $1,125
  • Fund African-American Bokandye Drummers/Dancers’ workshop for 3rd graders $1,000
  • Fund Chinese dance performance to support Hillside diversity and kindergarten social studies curriculum for Lunar New Year $800
  • Purchase replica hominoid, human and primate skulls for HHS students to explore evolutionary development through comparative skull physiology $700
  • Fund Lou DelBianco’s multicultural storytelling, theater, music program for kindergarten $650
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: ongoing grant to provide enrichment for student publications $500
  • Fund after school comedy workshop $500
  • Fund Greek pottery project for 6th Grade Grecian Festival $281


 Approved Grants for Academic Year 2008-2009

  • Develop a nonfiction collection at Hillside Library $12,000
  • Establish a guitar lab (guitars, software, instrument cables, storage) at the Middle and High Schools $11,200
  • Purchase equipment to bring back the Hillside Obstacle Course $10,430
  • Upgrade the entire library system to Follett’s web-based Destiny Automation $8941
  • Purchase forty TI-89 calculators, a teacher model, presentation screen and two presentation adaptors for AP calculus $6745
  • Purchase a Project Adventure equipment pack for FMS $4800
  • Purchase a C25 etching press to introduce large-scale mechanical printing at Hillside $4754
  • Purchase five darkroom enlargers for the H.S. Art Dept. $2400
  • Purchase museum memberships and programs that will allow all Hillside students to visit an art museum $2175
  • Purchase portable whiteboards at Hillside $2000
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: ongoing grant to send HHS students to Columbia University for a publications workshop $1000
  • Connecting Collections, a week-long program through the Art Dept. for K-12 teachers in collaboration with Moma, the Met, the Guggenheim and the Whitney $800


 Approved Grants for Academic Year 2007-2008

  • Purchase of equipment to establish Fitness Center $22,300
  • Purchase of 12 lavaliere microphones for theater department $16,969
  • Diversity Social Emotional Learning Committee two-year grant for three performances a year at Farragut Middle School $10,000
  • Creation of Podcasting Laboratory with purchase of iPods, computers and additional accessories (HHS) $8,375
  • Introduction of Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) American History 101 and 102 at Hastings High School $7,725
  • Fencing supplies for fencing at Middle and High School $6,200
  • Staff development for Habits of Mind Program with Bena Kallick at Farragut Middle School $6,000
  • Two-year elective for authentic science research at Hastings High School $3,628
  • Establishment of Mandarin Chinese club at Farragut Middle School $3,564
  • “Connecting Collections”—weeklong program for five staff members sponsored by four New York museums to help integrate visual images into the classroom $2,000
  • Electronic Junkyard Gamelan workshop and performance, Hillside Elementary School $2,000
  • Lenny Levine Memorial Garden and birdwatching area at Hillside $1,800
  • Art display panel for Farragut Middle School $1,734
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: ongoing grant to provide enrichment for student publications $500


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2006-2007

  • Installation of traversing wall plus curriculum and wellness program for grades 5-8 $11,000
  • Three systems to introduce Smart Board technology at Hillside Elementary School in the library and in two classrooms (3rd and 4th grade) $9,500
  • Staff development for the adoption of Math Trailblazers for grade K-4 $9,200
  • Refurbishment of the work area in the Middle School Faculty Lounge $5,040
  • Staff development to introduce a multi-sensory spelling program at Hillside $5,000
  • Indoor/outdoor batting cage $4,354
  • Equipment for the Aquaculture curriculum for 6th grade $3,186
  • Accessories to make Social Studies multimedia equipment mobile $2,700
  • Concert for Hispanic Heritage Month: Los Pleneros de la 21 $2,600
  • Equipment and software for enhancing and diversifying ESL instruction at Hillside $2,500
  • Refurbishment and restoration of printing press plus purchase of accessories $2,500
  • Two laptops and peripherals plus software for High School Science Department $2,400
  • Purchase of 24 Iquest Interactive Handheld Devices from Leapfrog for grades 5-8 $2,270
  • Workshop fee for Art Studio for Elementary Students at MOMA $2,100
  • Laptop and software for High School Math Department $2,050
  • Materials to implement the Visual Thinking Strategies curriculum at Hillside $1,637
  • Purchase and install flagpole and flag on the Burke Estate Field $1,470
  • Purchase of new books about explorers and exploration for Middle School Library $1,200
  • Purchase of books to help establish leveled 2nd grade book room to support Balanced Literacy Program at Hillside $1,000
  • Purchase of films for two one-semester Spanish courses: Advanced Conversation and Culture and Culture through Film I and II $912
  • Two digital video cameras for Media Arts course at High School $700
  • Emergency fund for lunch hour book club (Chat and Chew) at Hillside $600
  • Display of two sections of the AIDS Memorial Quilt in the High School lobby for World AIDS Day $500
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: on-going grant to provide enrichment for student publications $500
  • Materials for AP bio at H.S. $490


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2005-2006

  • High School Auditorium Technical Equipment: to purchase new lighting equipment, wireless headsets, computer, soundboard $11,442
  • World of Difference: to fund “A World of Difference Institute Peer Training Program” to train 25 high school students to work with peers around issues of diversity, prejudice and discrimination $6,000
  • Creating a Classroom for a Post Modern World: to provide three projectors, sound system and stands to aid in the use of computers in the HS English classroom $4,450
  • Fitness for Tomorrow: to fund equipment to supplement current middle school physical education curriculum and establish fitness unit at FMS. $4,130
  • Social Science Institute: to fund residencies for four visiting professionals to work with High School Social Studies faculty and students $4,000
  • Yearbook Production: two MAC computers $3,260
  • Art Display Panels: to fund eight art display panels at FMS and HHS. $3,000
  • Middle School Kiln: to purchase, kiln, vent and duct, Middle School Art Department $2,605
  • Web Based College Counseling Service: to purchase “Naviance” software program that facilitates communication among students, parents and the college advisory office $2,025
  • Computerized Data Collection: to purchase scientific probes and software for computer based data collection in high school science classes/labs $2,000
  • Arts Extravaganza: to help fund workshop materials for the 2006 Arts Extravaganza at the middle school $1,700
  • Early Literacy at Hillside: to provide one-day consultancy for curriculum work to enhance early literacy $1,600
  • Forensic Science Madness: to purchase supplemental materials for the high school forensic science elective course $1,500
  • Foreign Language Library: to incorporate new materials in the foreign language section of Lloyd Library $1,500
  • Dinosaurs Come Alive: to enhance the study of dinosaurs in kindergarten with an in-school presentation by “Dinosaurs Rock” and a “fossil” dig. $1,500
  • Anti-Bullying Program: to fund three faculty presentations for the anti- bullying program at FMS. $1,500
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: on-going grant to provide enrichment for student publications $500
  • Just Right Resource Library: to establish a library for less-skilled readers in the upper grades at Hillside $500
  • Display Stand Covers: to purchase plexiglass covers for large wheeled display cases $155


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2004-2005

  • Staff development to initiate a Core Group to bring Schools Attuned program to Hillside $10,000
  • Funding for the 3rd grade team to establish a Jigsaw Exploration multidisciplinary unit to support and enhance the writing process $6,880
  • Installation of a Mat Rack System for storage and movement of wrestling mats in the Middle and High Schools $5,050
  • Purchase of print and software resource materials as well as computers, printer/scanners, and headphones for the FMS/HHS ESL Resource Room $5,000
  • Staff development to expand the Core Group bringing Schools Attuned program to the Middle School $5,000
  • Purchase of demonstration equipment for the High School physics and chemistry labs $4,000
  • Purchase of new biography books for grades 5-8 at the Middle School $4,000
  • Funding to conduct a series of staff development workshops on “Language Development and Learning for the Classroom Teacher” $2,400
  • Purchase of enhancements for the High School Digital Music Production Lab $2,100
  • Arts Extravaganza 2005: To purchase materials necessary for the 7th and 8th grade workshops $1,700
  • Funding to introduce the Kindergarten students to Harry Scott’s Dance and Movement Program $1,500
  • Funding for offsite training on Kurzweil 3000, software upgrades, and scanner purchase for the High School Special Education Department $1,200
  • HHS Health Education: funding for a speaker for AIDS Awareness Day $1,000
  • FMS Health Education: funding for a speaker for the 7th and 8th grades on selected health topics $1,000
  • Kindergarten/4th grade team: funding to continue the Negotiated Learning Project $500


Approved Grants for Academic Year 2003-2004

  • Science Consultant K-12: funding for in-house science consultant for ongoing professional development $25,000
  • Hillside Library Media Center: further funding for the redesign and enhancement of Hillside Library $15,000
  • “Schools Attuned”: funding for pilot program at Farragut Middle School to introduce techniques for recognizing and managing learning differences $9,600
  • Digital Music Station: funding for equipment for new music theory/traditional harmony course at the High School $3,730
  • Billiards Club: funding for equipment to be used by the High School Billiards Club and the Phys. Ed. Department $3,000
  • Living Environment (Biology) Library: funding for topical supplemental materials for all levels of science instruction $2,050
  • AIDS Theater Project: funding for December 2003 performance during AIDS Awareness Week $2,000
  • Fifth Grade Reading Program: funding for a wide assortment of books at a variety of reading levels to enhance differentiated instruction $1,800
  • Healthy School Lunch Program: funding to develop guidelines to improve overall nutritional quality of the school lunch program $1,800
  • Hillside Art Department Etching Press: funding to provide materials for mechanical printmaking at Hillside Elementary School $1,640
  • Negotiated Learning Project: funding to expand Reggio Emilia project already in existence at select K/4 classrooms at Hillside Elementary School $1,500
  • Play Equipment: funding for enrichment materials for early/late bus riders at Hillside Elementary School $1,000
  • Edgars Lane Battle: funding for a re-enactment of the Battle of Edgars Lane $1,000
  • Digital Camera: funding for digital photography equipment for Athletic Dept. $750
  • Debra Newman Memorial Fund: funding to send staff of Oneirata to a student journalists’ conference $500